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Children and Migration


Sometimes parents decide to go abroad to seek a better life for themselves and their children. Parting from loved ones is usually very painful and often parents decide not to tell the children they are leaving in an effort to spare them the pain.

However, when the children do find out they become upset, shocked, angry and often have difficulty trusting that parent again.


In spite of the pain, it is far better to sit and prepare your child for your departure; and when you are away, maintain regular contact with him/her by letter and telephone.

Your children need good care so you must arrange for a respon­sible and loving adult to nurture them in your absence. Do not be surprised if on your return, your children, especially young ones, are a bit cautious in greeting you. Be patient, in time they will gradually become close to you again.

If you need help in preparing your child for your departure, contact:­

Your local clinic

The Children’s Officer in your parish

.The Family Court In Kingston, Montego Bay or Lucea

Your Pastor

The Guidance Counselor at your child’s school

The Child Guidance Clinic, 55 Slipe Pen Road, Kingston 5


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