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      Children and Separation

When parents decide to separate they need to take their child’s feelings into
consideration. Children love both their parents and feel sad, confused and worried when they separate. Parental separation can affect the child’s ability
to learn in school as well as
his or her general behaviour.

To help your child adjust to this loss, both parents should find the time to talk to him or her about their decision. The child needs to know that he or she is loved, will be taken care of and will still see the parent who is leaving. Visit your child’s school and let the class teacher and/or principal know that there are difficulties at home which may affect the child’s ability to pay attention in class. Ask the teacher to be a little more attentive to the child until the crisis has passed.

Children love both their parents and so become distressed when either parent
criticises the other in their presence.
Avoid criticising your ex-partner in your child’s presence. Children become distressed when this is done because of their love and loyalty to both parents. Do recognise that you are not the only one suffering from the separation and your own distress may make you insensitive to your child’s needs.


If you need help, contact:­

• Your local clinic

•The Children’s Officer in your parish

• The Family Court In Kingston, Montego Bay or Lucea

• Your Pastor

Guidance Counselor at your child’s school

                           •The Child Guidance Clinic, 55 Slipe Pen Road, Kingston 5



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