Violence Prevention Clinic for Children and Families

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In September 1997, the Violence Prevention Clinic for Children and Families was opened to the public.  It began a major programme initiative to prevent violence and to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by grief.

At present the solutions to the increased level of violence in Jamaica have been focused at the macro level.  The Clinic however, is aimed at providing intervention at the micro level through an on campus-based social service agency.

What is it?

The Violence Prevention Clinic for Children and Families exists to provide voluntary services to children and families in Kingston and its environs.

Mission Statement

To provide direct and effective intervention at the micro level to children and families who are victims of violence or who have suffered loss in its various forms.


v       To address the increasing incidence of different forms of violence in the family through the provision of group counseling services to children, adolescents and families in the areas pf grief and bereavement, suicide prevention, spousal abuse, and the effects of violence in its various forms.

v       To work in collaboration with schools and communities to address the impact of all forms of social and community violence through the dissemination of information for caregivers through an electronic bulletin board system.



v       To develop models for community-based training with regard to comprehensive intervention for young children and families exposed to urban violence.

Services Offered

·          Groupwork with children and families who have suffered loss due to migration, death of loved ones.

·          Groupwork with adults and parents who have suffered as a result of violence or who have lost spouse/children to accident and other trauma.

·          Family and group work with children who are from families prone to violence (physical, sexual etc).

·         Preventive education to reduce/eliminate the incidence of violence.

Clinic Days
Semester I
Children  -  Thursday  3pm – 5pm

Semester  II
Tuesday  -  3pm  - 5pm

The Referral Process

Persons having any of the above-mentioned difficulties can call the clinic any day, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  When this is done an appointment will be scheduled.

For Further Information

Contact:  Claudette Crawford-Brown, Ph.D, Ford Rm. A (Beside the ISER Doc. Centre)  University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston 7.

Telephone:  977-0315  or  935-8240
                     927-1660-9,  Ext.2240