Direct Service Agencies
    Child Development Agency (State)
      Child and Family Counselling Services (Preventive)
     Foster Care, Adoption.
      Services: Regional Offices, Residential.
      Childrenís Homes/Places of Safety
     by type/Age Group and Services Offered
    The Family Court

Department of Correctional Services (State)

Child and Family Services, Preventive Counselling Services, Residential Services.

Listing of Correctional Institutions by Type Age Group and Services Offered

NGO Child &Family  &Community Service Agencies by Issues

Street and Working Children/Child Prostitution
Violence Affecting Children and Families
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Children with Disabilities
Children of Migration
Children with Emotional
Children with Behavioural Problems
Children with Mental Health Issues
Children with Disabilities
Children with HIV/

Indirect Service Agencies
Advocacy and Policy Development
Training and Curriculum Development
Caribbean Child Development Centre
UWI Violence Prevention Programme
Childrenís Issues Coalition
Caribbean Child Development Agency
UWI Child Health Dept
Funding/International Links


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